Service Industry Experience with Knowledgeable Veterans


With proper installation the IntelliFlex™ provides years of trouble-free performance. Be assured that the worldwide LIU Service Team of professionals, with over 30 years of experience, will properly install the IntelliFlex™ by adhering to strict installation specifications with a focus on safety and timeliness.

Inspection and Preventative Maintenance

For a long life of efficient production the IntelliFlex™ only requires periodic inspection and preventative maintenance. A complete inspection annually and roller oil change every six months is adequate to ensure reliability. Entrust the LIU Service Team to provide:

  •       • Inspection of roller
  •       • Inspection of load belt
  •       • Inspection and adjustment of alignment
  •       • Inspections of base and frame
  •       • Inspection and service of brake operation

Field Services

As the well formation changes through the life of the well and the unit experiences overloading conditions or harsh weather events, the pumping unit will require attention to continue delivering optimum results and prevent costly repairs. Our service team will provide the following services:

  •       • Counterweight balancing
  •       • Polished rod clamp adjustments
  •       • Belt replacement
  •       • Speed Sentry overspeed/underspeed adjustments
  •       • Rollback service when the well requires workover


If a repair to the IntelliFlex™ is required, rely on the LIU Service Team to properly replace or refurbish all the major components. An extensive inventory and abundance of regional field facilities ensures reduced downtime.